Caring for your lashes




• Clean your lashes thoroughly

• Do not curl your lashes

• Come in without any eye makeup and/or mascara

After your eyelash extension appointment:

• It is recommended that lashes be washed with a gentle cleanser and water every single day. (Ask about our “Lash Bath” Cleanser when you come for your appointment.)

• Avoid getting lashes wet (including hot tubs, saunas & swimming pools) for 24- 48 hours.

• Avoid using mascara

(Wearing any mascara regularly will decrease the time between touch-up appointments!)

• Never use a lash curler on your extensions

• Use only oil-free eye makeup and eye makeup removers

• Use only products recommended by your eyelash professional

• Do not rub, pick, twist or pull lashes or lash extensions

• Never put your lashes in the direct stream of your shower head as this can damage the lash extensions if the water pressure is too high

***Please be gentle with your lashes.  How you care for your lash extensions will directly affect the look of your lashes as well as the length of time between touch-up appointments.

See your professional lash artist to:

• Safely remove lashes

• Adjust the length or curl (lash curlers can break the lashes and/or affect the bond)

• Maintain their fullness with regular infills




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