This is a custom peel formula that is a version of the original Jessner Peel. The name comes from the lotus flower root that is a free radical scavenger and promotes lightening. This peel deminishes and smooths fine lines, brightens, lightens, improves skin texture and tone. The over all outcome is a heathier, more vibrant skin.

Cautions: Skin may be red and feel sensitive and itchy for a few days after. Never pull the peeling skin off. Avoid sun exposure for the next 2 weeks. Daily Spf required, which will be in your homecare kit. After your peel, only use the products in your homecare kit for the next 10 days.

Do not use skin care products other than your home care kit on your face as it may cause a reaction. You may peel up to 10-12 days. 2 weeks after your peel, you will come back and receive a post care facial where I will be treating the new skin.